Chromebook Mobile: Websites We Like

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Websites We Like

Useful links: Learn more about the Chromebook and other good things!

The following sites are places we love at Chromebook Mobile. Not all are related to cloud Computing, but all are places we use regularly and highly recommend.

Picture of the first Chromebook released to the public called the Cr-48
Original circa 2010-11 "Pilot program" Google Cr-48 Chromebook
Think about how quickly the Chromebook has evolved!

Chromebook history: 

Official Google sites about the Chromebook:

Fun Chromium related places to explore:

Great website, tools, and services:
  • CloudFlare: CDN for your Blogger blog or any web site
  • Compfight: Many free commons images, though not all are free
  • PingMyURL: Decent URL submission service

Other no BS places we love and use regularly: (affiliate links)
  • Cloud Backup for your online services: CloudHQ (30-day premium trial)
  • MailChimp ($30 credit): create email campaigns. We use the free version
  • Capitol One 360 ($50 offer): free online checking, checks, debit cards, etc.
  • Sierra Trading Post ($10 coupon): Unbelievable shopping values

Also note: The black and white Chrome image is freeware from Find Icons via Pictonic.